About Our Board Members

The people behind One Society International!


Billie Ruth Hopkins Furuichi is an Art Activist, author, musician and teacher. She facilitates workshops in silk painting, haiku and reframing techniques for building emotional intelligence. Before founding One Society International, she conducted eleven bilateral youth exchanges to Russia as the Youth Support Director for Youth Ambassadors of America, during the 80s. Her nature is to celebrate cultural differences and mediate misunderstandings – an ability strengthened by her twenty-two year marriage to Isamu, a Japanese Master Chef whom she met while teaching English in Japan. She is currently working on a novel, When the Red Thread Breaks, an imaginary tale based on the Samurai roots of her late husband, Isamu Furuichi.

Vice President

Claude Richard Hurdle Hopkins is a Historian, multi-linguist of five languages, and contributing author to the Christian Science Journal. After serving as a translator in the Army, he worked forty years at The National Archives in San Bruno, California. He and his former wife, Vi Nien live in Union City, and are the sole caretakers of their adult Down Syndrome daughter.


Christopher Macor is a multi-media musician with a message. He aspires to speak truth that is inspirational. He nestles this truth in music that is danceable, emotional, visual and lyrical. He does this so humanity may be transformed collectively and so we may assume our role as co-creators of Heaven on Earth.