“Breaking Bread”

Development and Implementation Action Plan

Immediate Goal:
As a new project of One Society International, the immediate Goal of “Breaking Break,” is to provide a free, top-quality Christmas Eve Dinner with uplifting entertainment and supportive fellowship, to the homeless population of greater Las Vegas, Nevada. Furthermore, it is the intention of One Society International, to offer continuing support and guidance to Breaking Bread, such that this project will not only succeed as a one-time event, but will grow and thrive to become a yearly, well-recognized and highly respected event.

Long Term Goals:

1. Provide free, quality Christmas Eve Dinner to the homeless population of Las Vegas, Nevada;
2. Provide hope for the future to the homeless community;
3. Provide a multi-systemic outreach network to those who may not have the ability to connect to available resources;
4. Develop informational and outreach training workshops for those who may not know of existing resources;
5. Bring awareness to the community of the challenges our homeless population faces on a day-to-basis;
6. Enlist financial and ‘in-kind’ support for the first and continuing projects for the homeless;