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On Valentine`s Day of this year a musician friend of mine  committed suicide.

I quickly resorted to music composition to process this tragedy. On August 8th I released Naomio Islands.

Naomio Islands2

Notes on Naomio Islands

Emotionally brave

Fierce and true

Catchy and danceable

Fresh, quirky, and original

Wonder. Horror. Humor. More.

Journey into the realm of the taboo. Passion unfurls into an emotional tapestry

When musician Christopher Macor faces the death by suicide of a friend and fellow

musician. Faced with this great among human tragedies, he does what he knows

how to do: make art. But it’s not easy work. Thus the lyric’s in Bootstraps

“Responsibility’s a bitch” and “I’m left holding the bag.” Wait for it.

Time again and again throughout Naomio Islands, Christopher faces his emotions

full on to discover that if you can bear the pain, “Everything is musical.” And to even

begin to heal he must face first and hard his own judgment: The way you limit

yourself is the way you’re judging me.

As with “Let he who is without sit cast the first stone,” Macor seems to suggest that

we let the person who treats themselves with only life-affirming kindness be the one

to judge self-loathing’s most extreme unction.

He digs deep, with the rich tapestry of a talented musician with wild emotional

depth, seeking to answer What is this truth that violation brings? His almost circular

catchy guitar riffs and danceable beats speak to who is left behind remaining very,

very much alive.

“Cold” sounds like a duet between David Byrne and Johnny Cash. “Cut of the knife,”

shows that in her act, the suicide places everyone in her life in her harm’s way.

Christopher Macor picks this up, handles it, holds it to the light, takes a hit of

lightning to the core, and releases her—wholly transformed—at least the her within

him, showing that to survive is to thrive.

The song Naomi is the hardest to take. There’s nothing abstract in asking over and

over again “Are you gone? Are you done?” And in fact who wants to face a loved

one’s offing themselves? But a survivor must. Survivors aren’t given a choice, so the

choice is, to quote the talented survivor Courtney Love, to live through this, to feel

all the way through it…and if you can and you do (and Christopher Macor’s album

might help you to do this maybe) you will emerge healed on the other side. To numb

or stuff this experience is to let it slay you. Art is sword and shield to slay this

dragon and emerge: Feel through this. Live through this.

The album finishes with an anthem to the glory of life, aptly titled “Self Love.” But

there’s nothing hallmark about this conclusion. Life pulses through the guitar and

joy rises like a welcome spring after this deep dive into darkness, riding waves of

the YES spark that even though, despite it all …

(Your demons are your gift (and she jumped off a cliff)

…embraces the whole wide world anyway

(Your demons are your gift.)

~Sara Wright

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In the process of creating and sharing this music I realized that people have a lot of shame around suicide.

This book gave me a new perspective

I realize that our taboo about suicide is outdated and needs to be examined. Let`s stop shoving suicide under the table, covered up with shame and repression. Let us respectfully but deliberately place it in clear view of society where it can be revealed and healed.


This realization has given birth to SUICIDE CAFE.


Suicide Cafe is a forum where people who are touched by suicide can share freely.  I have found the act of revealing to be poignantly healing and when it is done publicly, it leads to collective transformation.

Christopher Macor